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A faint cool breeze blows over inky, blue-black water, the boat rising up and down in the gradual swell. The other travelers on the boat had been chatting and laughing nervously but now they have gone quiet as they listen to the instructor carefully. You have your wet-suit on and you are staring down at the large cage which hugs the boat, the top third just above the restless water. There is an opening at the top which you will soon be using. You have traveled a long way to experience something very few people on Earth will ever know. The adrenaline courses through your body as your mind wrestles against ancient instincts. This is the moment of truth. You are about to lower yourself into the natural habitat of one of the worlds most ancient and efficient apex predators.


The great white is the worlds largest predatory fish, growing to around 4.6 meters long, roughly half the length of a bus! At top speed they reach 60 km per hour, powered by their large tails and streamlined bodies and possess a set of 300 sharp, triangular teeth. This incredible speed allows the sharks to propel themselves completely out of the water when they are seal hunting, a mind-blowing feat that Gansbaai (your shark viewing destination) is world famous for. Great whites have an incredible sense of smell, able to sense a drop of blood in 100 liters of water and smelling seal colonies from several kilometers away. They are so perfectly adapted that they haven’t changed very much in over 16 millions years.


For some the thought of shark cage diving is a little scary but the truth is that this once-in-a-lifetime experience is completely safe and your crew are friendly and professional, with years of experience. Sharks do not hunt humans and prefer small sea mammals like seals and sea lions. They are curious, intelligent creatures and it is of crucial importance that they are treated with respect and care by the tour operators and their boats. This truly is a day of great fun which includes breakfast, transport, on-board snacks and all of your equipment. We welcome you to a life changing experience where you will be immersed in nature on the beautiful south coast of South Africa to learn first hand about one of the worlds most misunderstood but majestic creatures.


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Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) breaching in an attac
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