The Lockdown Vs. The Beauty of Cape Town.

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As the whole of South Africa anxiously waits for our President’s next family meeting, we are left wondering what the world will look like when he finally decides to open things up. Unlike the rest of the world, the majority of our population is yet to be vaccinated, & it is only natural that we are all starting to feel this isolation take a toll on us. Most of our favourite hangout spots have closed down & the ones that have managed to survive aren’t allowed to sell alcohol. (The issue of alcoholism amongst all of us is a conversation for another day.)

Furthermore, there is a curfew that we are all meant to adhere to which often times than not dampens the mood because we know that we have limited time to actually have fun. The entire situation is unfortunate. The truth of the matter is that we are social beings. Interaction is our fuel & without it, life tends to feel a bit empty – vacant.

Then again, as I gaze outside my window & reminisce about the year 2019 (before everything went pear-shaped), I remember that I am in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Where you’re constantly surrounded by stunning people & breath-taking nature. This is not to say that the situation isn’t terrible, but there is an ample amount to do in Cape Town. So let me point you to the right direction. All you’ll have to do is make sure that you have your mask & a couple of friends that adhere to the rules of our new world, & you’ll be surprised as to how much fun one can still have. (Even if it’s without a glass of wine in your hand.)


1: Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden.


This botanical garden is an incredible place. Besides the fact that it is breathtakingly beautiful, the place is one of endless activities. However, let’s start with the one thing that everybody enjoys doing the most in this garden – a picnic. You can spend a gorgeous day with your favourite people & some delicious finger foods. It can be a family affair. The scenery is spectacular & I am certain that a lockdown outing such as this one will quickly turn into a tradition. For those of you who have found it difficult to stay active with the gyms closed – The Mountain Bike Transit Route might be just the thing you need. Stretching all the way from Constantia Nek, all the way to Kloof Nek via Cecilia Plantation.

This will be a great way for you to stay in shape & take in some of Kirstenbosch’s undeniable beauty. Another upside to this activity is that Cape Town has a strong cycling culture & if this is something your immediate friends are not into, I am certain that you will make some new cycling companions. An experience that you can’t miss, however, is the Tree Canopy Walkway.

The walkway is shaped like a Boomslang & it will take you from the bottom of the garden, all the way to the top where you will have a broad view of the garden & the surrounding mountains. There is a world of magic that awaits you at Kirstenbosch. For further information regarding the Kirstenbosch Gardens, visit our Gateway Guides website. We have a comprehensive guide to all things Kirstenbosch. Or better yet, click on this link that will take you straight to their website.



2: Hiking


Yes, I said it. Hiking. Hiking has become a cultural staple in Cape Town. Because let’s be honest for a moment here – are you even from Cape Town if you’ve never hiked before? The answer to that question from the general public would be no. But we do not exclude anyone over here at Xplore Cape Town, & if you’ve been thinking about taking on some of the most beautiful (& honestly tiring) trails in South Africa – then we have got you covered. Our Cape Peninsula Hiker’s Pocket Guides are exactly what you need.

These are walking guides which focus on the major summits on Table Mountain & the Cape Peninsula. Our team has created a detailed product that will not only show you the best routes to take, but also give you insight on the particular route you’re taking. The authors have gathered the relevant history, geology, flora & fauna & the accurate description of the hike. These guides are a hiker’s best friend. Novice & seasoned.

To truly say that you have experienced Cape Town (as a local & as a visitor) a hike would have to be something that you have done. There are 10 routes & guides to choose from & if you’re working from home & would like to get active – this wouldn’t be a horrible way to keep active & remind yourself of the fact that you’re still alive. You can find these guides on our Gateway Guides website or go over to the Reader’s Warehouse site & order the entire collection. I promise you won’t regret it.


3: Go on a journey.


With the flexibility of working from home, why not take your mind off the depressing nature of the state of the world & discover the charm of the Western Cape? If you’re familiar with me at this point, you know that I’m a true advocate for the greatness of Cape Town. I believe that this is a gorgeous city &, as a local, I do not ever take that for granted. Our team at Go That Way doesn’t take that for granted either. This is why they have created the collection of Gateway Guides to all things Cape Town & the Western Cape.

Let’s say you’re thinking of taking a trip down the Garden Route & you don’t know where to start – we have you covered. Our Cape Winelands & Groot Constantia Guides are the perfect friend to have when searching for top-tier wine experiences. There is so much to do in this lovely city that the team created 80 Places to Visit in Cape Town Guides, only to create an additional guide titled 80 More Places to Visit in Cape Town because they couldn’t let the other incredible attractions go unmentioned. We have incredible tailor-made tours that will leave you in awe of the exquisiteness of our province.

If you haven’t caught on by now – what I am trying to say is that if you need a friend, you can rely on Go That Way & Xplore Cape Town to make you feel better. Our job is to bring joy into your life through the shared appreciation of this gorgeous city. So do not hesitate to contact us if you can’t seem to get that lockdown monkey off your back. We will make sure that if there’s one thing this lockdown doesn’t restrict – it is your happiness.

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